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Get face-to-face with the analysts who researched and wrote
Canvas8's 2021 Expert Outlook (yes, that includes undertaking
50 expert interviews and pinpointing the 62 behaviors that
will define the coming year). 


In this 40-minute session you will learn:

– What is Make Believe and why it’s our overarching theme for 2021
– How to apply the Expert Outlook insights to your audience
using our Sensemaker Framework

The Sensemaker Framework

We’ll introduce you to four mindsets segmented from the Expert Outlook insights - Nesters, Drifters, Seekers and Challengers - and explain why we think they’re important for the year ahead. In this session we’ll deep dive into the needs and motivations of each and using examples, we’ll demonstrate how they can be applied to a brand audience.

The framework we’ve created means that anyone joining the session can follow along and use it as an opportunity to apply the thinking to a brand they are working on.

Make Believe

2020 turned reality on its head. Between COVID-19, global protests, an ongoing climate disaster, and a divisive US election, so much was ‘unprecedented’ that people grew sick of the word. The limits of what we know (and presume) to be true have been tested and broken.

Seeing first-hand that the world can look different, people are ditching established norms and are reshaping how they live in accordance with their values. But not everyone’s vision is the same. In 2021, we will rebuild the world and define a new reality – the ‘new normal’. But what’s not clear yet is whose truth will win.

What is a Team Briefing?

Included in most memberships contracts, Team Briefings are in-depth interactive presentations delivered to you (and your team) digitally by a behavioral analyst.

Team Briefings are designed to drive inspiration, insight, and deeper understanding. It’s also a great time to pose questions directly to the analyst who led the research.

/ Spark new thinking
/ Dive deeper into a topic
/ Absorb information in an engaging way



The presentation will be delivered by one of Canvas8's Associate Directors

Rachel headshot

Rachel Ousley,
Associate Insight Director

Rachel has eight years of experience providing strategic communications counsel in San Francisco to clients such as Google, Vans, and Bleacher Report. She holds a master's degree in social cognition from UCL, where she explored the use of behavioral science interventions to increase empathy towards refugees.


Helen Jambunathan,
Associate Insight Director

Helen holds an MPhil from the University of Cambridge and leads strategic cultural research across academia and industry. She is experienced at managing global projects for high-profile clients including Google and is a fellow of the Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth.

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Alex Quicho,
Associate Director of Cultural Intelligence

Alex studied cultural criticism at the Royal College of Art with a focus on identity, technology, and power – a specialization she now applies to challenging briefs from Silicon Valley giants at Canvas8.



Learn a new framework to
apply immediately
to your work

Challenge and pressure-test your 2021 planning with confidence
Hear from experts and innovator brands about what's next for your audience